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Focus research is use as an aid in branding and rebranding – respondents can assess how the logo or general image of the company is perceive. We recommend branding. That is how to turn consumers into brand believers sampling methods should be carefully considere New possibilities in planning activities The respondents will help you determine whether your communication strategy is appropriate. Currently, apart from interviews, telephone interviews or discussion panels, eye movements are also use. The respondent watches an ad or visits a new website.

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Marketers can check whether it has kept attention on the elements they planne. Having a sufficiently large group of such respondents, creating websites can be planne base on the elements to which they react most vividly, ignoring those that miss. This is a database big saving, because wrong ideas are eliminate already at the stage of plans and beta version. Even if you are creating a simple online survey, it is worth considering the selection of the sample method because it affects the results. As you can see, quite complex issues in the field of statistics or sociology are also applicable today in marketing.Is an in-depth interview just a conversation.


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April 1, 2021 Customer acquisition An in-depth interview is a concept from the field of sociology and statistics, but it also works well in the business world. When is it worth using it and for what purpose can it be useful? What is an individual in-depth WS Database interview? What is an in-depth interview use for? Different types of individual in-depth interview Forms of meeting with the respondent Advantages and disadvantages of an in-depth interview An individual in-depth interview is, next to focus group interviews, one of the techniques use in marketing research. We recently wrote about the differences between quantitative and qualitative marketing research on our blog.

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