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For example, when an interviewer asks during market research what toothpastes respondents know, the first answer of many of them will be: Colgate. We recommend Marketing concepts yesterday and today Brand Awareness – What is it? Building brand awareness starts with young children. Research shows that young children are increasingly aware of the existence of individual brands. This shows that it is quite difficult to protect yourself from the influence of advertising and subliminal messages. There are several stages in the history of marketing when it comes to brand awareness practices.

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Just a few decades ago, many market sectors were not very saturate. Even in the field of basic products, brand awareness and loyalty were quickly built. Sports shoes = trainers We can talk about high, universal recognition when a product is phone number list referre to as a synonym or a substitute for the name of the entire category. People today often say “I’m going to buy sneakers”, meaning any brand of sports shoes. building brand awareness leads to better recognition Currently, the market is increasingly segmente. It is becoming increasingly difficult to gain such a high level of recognition among the general public.

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Meia users are becoming more and more resistant to traditional advertising, which makes it difficult to reach them. Brand awareness is becoming more and more important. If the customer associates the company, he can choose its product WS Database on the spur of the moment. Lack of recognition can discreit it in the eyes of potential customers. We recommend How does microsegmentation affect business growth? Building brand awareness using traditional methods Anyone who has been on holiday in Asia or Africa has seen soda ads painte on the walls. Manufacturers often do not even care about the message itself, but only about making the logo appear in the minds of consumers.

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